About Us

Explore Japan Program

Explore Japan is a unique 2.5 week program that allows local families to travel to Japan each summer without leaving home! Through a combination of hosting experiences, educational and fun activities in the classroom and excursions all around the Boston area, your child, family and visitor will create a special bond that can last well beyond the end of the program. Now in its 23rd year, Explore Japan has brought hundreds of Japanese visitors to communities all over the eastern U.S.

Adz Group

Adz Group is a pioneer in the area of international educational travel. The company provides participants with unique opportunities to not just learn about, but to truly experience other cultures so as to enrich them for life.

We offer cultural immersion experiences to help develop you into a more globally conscious individual by showing you how others think, live and act. As part of these offerings Adz Group presents Explore Japan, an American Learning experience, now in it's 23rd year.