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American Learning was founded in 1992 by Steven Shapiro, soon after he visited some of his fellow Cornell classmates in Tokyo, as a Boston-based organization dedicated to bringing young people together from different countries and helping them learn about each other’s respective cultures in a fun and interesting environment. It grew to organize student exchange programs and summer activities on international culture throughout the northeastern USA.

Since 2014 Explore Japan has been coordinated by Adz Group, an international education company which serves over 400 students a year mainly around the Boston area.

Visiting students are placed with host families while taking English classes and participating in afternoon activities together with their host students. By spending a few weeks with a host family, visiting students gain significant confidence in their English skills and learn about the American lifestyle. In return, their host family learns a great deal about a foreign culture and the host student is able to attend a cultural summer program to learn even more.

Each program is designed to give both the visiting and host students maximum exposure to each other and to experience life in America together. Special emphasis is placed on helping the students use skills learned in the experience to communicate with each other on a daily basis. The afternoon activities consist of fun group events, games, and visiting cultural sites and museums.

Adz Group takes great pride in arranging programs where students get the maximum amount of learning in a safe, well-organized environment. Parents should feel confident that their children are receiving the best treatment during this unique opportunity.